This painting is part of a series exploring humanity in interaction with fungus, a force in the environment that at times shapes our present and future. For example the potato moraine fungus changed the demographics of several countries, changed political movement in the U.S., destroyed economies, families, and left its impact in history. Partly set up by human choice and the vagaries of the environment this fungus changed nations. In these paintings the focus is to subtly represent these forces using the human figure as icon, amid some symbolism in an esthetic visual experience.

“The Death Cap”, is a stepping stone to examine death. One can examine modes of death, processes of death, choices made about death, etc. Particularly these paintings strive to leave areas for the viewer to bring their own experiences into the visual presentation. The title is taken from the Amanita phalloides mushroom, with the common name Death Cap. Needless to say it is poisonous. For the artist its name conjured imagery of the black plague when nearly four hundred people died each day at its peak. Such thoughts conceived a vision of people wearing death caps disguising their vulnerabilities whether of a physical or mental state, giving more force to the uncertainty of life.