Sheri Lee Butlerís paintings are worked in vivid colors representing emotion and excited energy. Additionally texture is often added to depict the same. Occasionally, when the subject requires a more subdued energy, hues and texture are muted for an opposite affect. Gold leaf will appear in many of the artworks influenced by an early introduction to old religious paintings. The gold is one of several symbols used to convey various beliefs, myths and historical usages by humanity. The human figure predominates as the icon with which to delve deeply into the psychology, history and science of our world as processed through the human mind. The artistís endeavor into visual art form hopes to esthetically explore the essence of ourselves in interaction with the environment throughout time. The most intense interest often arises from observation that our future is frequently not of our own impetus but rather from forces outside ourselves. That our environment profoundly affects our social interaction, political trends, personal behavior and relationships with other life-forms is the intellectual pursuit that impassions her art.